8/22/98 - 3/23/11
Kitty Allen
Taken suddenly
Greatly missed

There better be cheese in heaven

This is Kitty. She was a Keeshond. (Whazzat?? What are them gorgeous thangs?)

The Keeshond rescue people told me her breed is pronounced KAYZ'-hond. Plural is KAYZ'-honden.
When you say "Keeshawn," they wince.
Kitty herself did not care. As long as you gave her snacks.

Her full name was Allante Kitkat Brittlaf, born 8/22/1998.

She was a hoot.

The happiest, most energetic and cheese-focused being I've ever met.
I was privileged to Kitty's person for almost 5 years, save a few months when some very nice people had her and took very good care of her. My mother was not doing well and they took Kitty.

Kitty came home to me about 6 weeks after mom passed away. Mom would have wanted that. Mom loved Kitty. Kitty loved Mom. Kitty also loved Mom's food.
Kitty missed Mom. And her food.
I would like to think that Kitty is already getting snacks from Mom again.

This is Sloopy.

Sloopy was Kitty's pet cat.
Kitty would give Sloopy baths.



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