Through 11/21/06, we'll select a daily ruler for Scorpios since the sign's ruling planet has been busted down to a Clumsy Carp waterball. (Sorry, Pluto. Scientists have been short-sighted in the past. We at RFP are doing our part to help dispel any angst Scorpios might feel with being told their planetary ruler, well, isn't.)

SO.  Here are the rulers for 2006:

Week #1 10/23/06: Buckhorn Arizona
10/24/06: Martin Landau
10/25/06: The Statler Brothers
10/27/06: (Friday) A Tie: Twiggy and The Borg
Week #2 10/30/06: The Smoking Popes
10/31/06: Another Tie: The Crafty Chica AND the New Radio Free Phoenix Logo
11/1/06: Liz Boyle!
11/2/06: DAVE FRANCE!!
11/3/06: Donald Rumsfeld James A Baker III
Week #3 11/6/06: Andy Olson
11/7/06: Jim and Kim Derk
11/8/06: Dr. Tracy Uebelhor
"Thank you for making me honorary ruler of Scorpio. I rounded up as many Scorpios as I could and invaded Bhutan. I am now emperor of this small Himalayan country."
(11/26/06 update: "A coup over the weekend removed me as ruler of Bhutan. I am now in exile in the Maldives Islands plotting my comeback.")

11/9/06: Kim Novak
11/10/06: Frank Thring
Week #4 11/13/06: Cheryl Sweet
11/14/06: Richard Widmark
11/15: Dave Cooper AND Pete Michaels BOTH!
11/16: The Phoenix Fridas!
11/17: Miss Holley King!
Week #5 11/20/06: 991 FM The Point KQCX
11/21/06: A THREE-WAY TIE!
     Senator John McCain
     Piltdown Man

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