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" heard on Radio Free Phoenix! "
- Art Linkletter  

Each morning sometime around 7:15, you'll hear this fine, er, well, moment, on Radio Free Phoenix. The books mentioned are linked to Amazon below and the Radio Free Phoenix Amazon code is used, so if you buy, RFP gets a nominal cut of the action. Thanks!!

The Real All-Americans by Sally Jenkins - The best book I've read all summer. If you buy only one book on this list, buy this one. MIND-BLOWING. The backdrop is the criminal treatment of Native Americans in the late 1800's/early 1900's, and after the major Indian wars are over, blooming from the destruction is warrior spirit in the form of a football team that to this day has seen no equal. I could not put this book down. Read it in 4 days, working 3 of them. And I know nothing of football. This needs to be made into a movie. NOW.

Aristotle's Children by Richard Rubenstein - This is one of the greatest books I've ever read. It makes you realize that no matter how quiet things are, there is thunder that came before you. I love this book. It reminds me of the books I have on WWI - so much applies to today - from mismanagement to coercion - how ideas get traction - how ideas get choked to death - how one people wind up with the keys to glory and another people wind up marginalized by fearful religious leaders - with the above-mentioned parties bouncing that mcguffin of knowledge back & forth, as if playing medieval tennis. Absolutely fascinating.

Hungarian Rhapsody by Jim Derk - I went to high school with Kim and worked for Jim. I have no idea where they found the energy to do this but God bless them. The Debrecen Orphanage, by the way, could use spare $$ if you have some to part with. Buy the book & learn more. The book is hilarious and also heartbreaking, two words over-used but very apt. Their adventures trying to function in Hungary while getting to know their children (pre-adoption stage) and their return trips to get the rest of the children's siblings alternate between laugh-out loud funny and extraordinarily poignant (what Christmas is to the children left behind). Please get this one, if no other book on this list. You may wind up with a new family member, and that would be wonderful.

Conglomerates and the Media - Barnouw et al - Interesting book of essays warning about how too much media concentrated in too few hands results in, well, crappy programming.

The Seven Day Weekend - Ricardo Semler - If you've ever worked in radio and felt strongly that you were watching a bad manager fly a plane into the side of a mountain and there was not one damn thing you could do about it, then buy this book. There is something you can do about it. At least, in Brazil. Could this work here...

Crafty Chica's Art De La Soul - This book helped me throw out my back! And it's all because of the bricks. Which she never talks about, so it's not her fault. An absolutely inspiring book. This book helps relax you. It's beautifully laid-out, well-written (I like the style - personal stories intermixed with how-to) - I want to get her other books. I am probably using the book for its therapeutic properties more than for the creative insights. Once my back is better, I will get back to you on that.

BAD CAT - I love this damn book. I cannot open it to a page that does not have an insane picture of a cat with a perfectly incongruous caption. Need a laugh, buy this book. Your sides will hurt. Not your back, though. (See above).


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